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27th Oct 2021

Forget pineapple on pizza; this Drogheda café is serving pineapple in sandwiches!

Katy Thornton

Can we just accept that pineapple makes everything fineapple?

The debate on whether pineapple goes on pizza has raged long enough. Whether you’re a fan or not, there’s enough pineapple stans out there to advocate for its inclusion on savoury items. Relish café in Southgate is now putting it in a sandwich and it sounds kind of… amazing?

Gammon and pineapple has always gone together – the mix of salty vs. sweet is a combination as old as time itself. Relish is celebrating this with their weekly toastie, a sourdough melt with shredded gammon, tomato and chili salsa, charred pineapple, and gubbeen cheese.

You can’t deny that’s one good looking sandwich. At the very least, don’t knock it until you’ve tried it!

Header image via Instagram/relishcafe.mintgreene

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