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03rd Sep 2018

PICS: Some Disgusting Things Were Found In EP Portaloos Over The Weekend

Darragh Berry

If you were at Electric Picnic at the weekend and you’re reading this, you’re probably having the worst day of the year.

Why? Because you just experience the best weekend ever and you know that on Tuesday you’re heading back to work after spending three if not four nights on the razz.


You’ll get through it and for all the things you’ll miss about EP, one thing that you will be delighted to see the back of is the toilets.

Nobody likes pooping or pissing in a portaloo and the comforts of having your own toilet and a badly needed shower will be the only comfort of leaving Stradbally.

Knowing that you’re sitting on a portaloo that has had hundreds of bums plonked on it in the last hour is enough to make you heave but you’re always too drunk to think about it.

But, if you came across these items over the weekend, it might have just tipped you over the edge.

Who misplaces their gum shield just like that and that little purple thing is the latest festival product called the Female Urinal which flew off the shelves ahead of EP.

Imagine, someone pissed into that (or tried to anyway) and then just left it on the floor, covered in wee which probably trickled all over the floor while you went for a number two.


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