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28th Oct 2018

‘Family Cloth’ Is A Disgusting Household Trend That Is Beyond Rank

Darragh Berry

Lads, we’re all for helping the environment and everything but this is just taking the absolute piss.

Aren’t we just so lucky that BuzzFeed brought to our attention the household trend of using a ‘family cloth’ when going to the toilet.

If you’re currently wincing at the screen shouting, “PLEASE DON’T LET THAT BE WHAT I THINK IT IS,” it is exactly that.

‘Family Cloth’ is a reusable, machine washable toilet paper which has been invented in the hope of replacing “wasteful” ordinary toilet paper.

Ew, ew, EW.

Pros and cons time: Pros – it’s good for the environment and it’s cheaper, Cons – it’s fecking rank.

The woman who wrote this wonderfully weird article on BuzzFeed explained how she was literally “flushing money down the toilet” when buying normal toilet roll and explained: “Let’s also set the record straight: Individuals who use family cloth do not only have a single piece of cloth. We have dozens of smallish strips of cloth.”

The writer in question confirmed that her and her husband did not use the cloths for a number two and that baby wipes were used for that job instead. Baby wipes, which clog up your toilet if you flush them and if you don’t flush, need to be gotten rid of immediately before they stink the place out.

She did confirm, however, that many people she talked to that also used the cloths, said that they were used for poops as well as wees.


We’re sticking to the bog roll anyway for the time being.

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