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16th Dec 2017

Eight Deadly Bits To Grab In Penneys Before They Sell Out For Christmas


Never mind Santa Claus, our hero of the year is – and always will be – Penneys. A real life Santa’s workshop for everyone who loves glitzy things that don’t cost a bomb, Penneys is filled with magic cllllll year ’round.

Whether you’re looking for a cute but cosy outfit to wear on Christmas Day, something a little sparklier for New Year’s or simply a blanket fit for a mermaid kween, Penneys has some seriously class bits and bobs in store right now. 

In town doing your shopping this weekend? Here’s our top picks of what to get from Penneys before it all sells out.

1. These Bowie-esque silver boots €15

2. This shimmering mermaid blanket €28

3. A glitter vanity case for all your makeup €25

4. This v stylish tuxedo dress €30 

5. A very Christmassy Santa mug €5

6. This plush navy velvet suit €39

7. A 1920’s style fringe dress €20

8. Annnd these emerald green heels €19

Y’know what? We’ve been SO good all year we might just get them all…

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