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16th Dec 2017

Aldi Is Selling Special ‘Santa Milk’ For Kids To Leave Out On Christmas Eve


Well, well, well. Isn’t this almost too cute to bear? Aldi is selling special milk that’s especially for children to leave out for Santa on Christmas Eve.

While we reckon that if we were Santa we’d be chugging down a neck of whiskey come midnight on the 25th December, a few mince pies and some of this bainne wouldn’t go amiss. 

Kids can write their name on the milk (so Santa doesn’t get confused, y’know?)

Each carton says “To Santa, enjoy your glass of fresh milk on your busiest night of the year. From…….”


Traveling the world and delivering gifts can be thirsty work after all…

 Due to the success of the product last year, “Santa’s Milk” will be on sale in 130 Aldi stores nationwide from Tuesday, 19th December for €0.52 (500ml).


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