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22nd Jun 2018

Our Top Picks In The Zara Summer Sale


Oh, Zara why must you tempt us so?

Here we are again with another gorgeous summer sale from Zara just waiting for us to spend a month’s wages on.

But seeing as there is a daycent discount on most of the clothes, we guess it would do no harm to show you a few pieces…

1. Patchwork Print Dress


Patchwork Print Dress

2. Skirt with Contrasting Top Stitching


Skirt With Contrasting Topstitching

3. Printed Fabric Slider


Printed Fabric Slider

4. Soft Leather Mules


Soft Leather Mules

5. Printed bomber Jacket


Printed Bomber Jacket

6. Floral and Polka Dot Print Blouse


Polka Dot Print Blouse

7. Fabric Wraparound Sandals


Wraparound Sandals

Apologies in advance for how broke you’re gonna be in July.

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