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Five tiny tweaks for a healthier lockdown without the sacrifice

By Lovin Media

May 15, 2020 at 12:22pm


We're all in need of a little more comfort than usual these days...

But now that lockdown is the 'new normal', those little comforts need to be somewhat sustainable... and takeaway pizza every second night just isn't going to work.

We've compiled five simple tweaks to help you enjoy some treats this weekend without destroying all of your health and wellness goals.

1. Ten-minute movement 

Beating yourself up over skipping your hour-long sprint session is counter-productive. The best type of exercise is the one you do regularly, so if you need to cut it back to ten minutes to ensure you do it... then ten minutes it is. This weekend, try some squats, planks or star jumps every time you boil the kettle... the daily ten will build up in no time.

2. Cut the sugary cocktails

We're now entering week ten of lockdown and the daily Quarantinis aren't as cute anymore. In fact, just taking a couple of days a week where you cut down on sugary juices will make you feel so much better. Try a low-sugar replacement like VITHIT Sparkling - it's low sugar and still feels like a treat with delish summery flavours like raspberry watermelon.

3. Daily digital holidays

Have you noticed the days are absolutely flying in... but you're getting less done? Check the oul screen time there. We'd venture a guess you're mindlessly scrolling more than usual and this can really leave you feeling fuzzy, foggy and demotivated. Pick a two-hour slot every day where you put the phone down, let people know you won't be chatting between those hours, and enjoy a little holiday from your device.

4. Slowcook

This is a brilliant way to avoid the 7 o'clock dip that results in a spontaneous takeaway. You can get a slow cooker super cheap and it means you can dump all of your dinner ingredients in in the morning and have a beautiful, rich meal with tender meat ready to go by the evening. Perfect for those days you don't feel like cooking.

5. Change your mindset

It may sound simple but changing your idea of what a 'treat' is can really help you find comfort without wrecking your health goals. Try to steer away from thinking of food as a reward and focus on other ways to pamper yourself, like a hot bath, moisturising all over, and reading your favourite book for an hour.

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