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05th Nov 2018

Calling All Gingers – Today Is Love Your Red Hair Day


Today is National Love Your Red Hair Day.

After years of abuse, gingers have finally gotten a day that celebrates the very thing we’ve been actively ridiculing them for.

We hope they enjoy it because, let’s be honest, some of the things we’ve called them were pretty bad.

Hilarious, but pretty bad all the same.

Who remembers Ginger Minger, Fire Crotch, Carrot Top, Duracell, Ronald McDonald, Simply Red?

To be fair there was nothing that warranted such name-calling and thankfully in the last few years, it has stopped and people are embracing red hair – natural and dyed.

And rightly so, because it is bloody gorgeous and I find myself becoming more and more envious of anyone who has red locks.

While celebrities like Ed Sheeran, Prince Harry, Amy Adams and Emma Stone have shown that red hair is as enviable as blonde or dark hair, it is the photographs of ordinary red-haired people taken by photographers like Brian Dowling and Hanne van der Woude who really showcase the beauty of gingers!

Check out some of their images below.

Recently, Apple released ginger emojis to the delight of gingers across the world who’ve been waiting a loooong time.

Know a ginger who needs to celebrate today?

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