Irish Twitter reacts to Christmas chocolate hitting shelves already

By Katy Thornton

September 8, 2022 at 3:34pm


In September??


Yes, just like every other year for the last decade, Christmas chocolate is hitting the Irish supermarket shelves four months in advance. While I absolutely agree it's fairly ridiculous, I'd have thought we'd all be used to it by now, but apparently not. Every year, for whatever reason, it still comes as a massive shock.

Irish Twitter, the gem that it is, has taken to react to the appearance of Christmas chocolate like Celebrations and Heroes in Tesco and Lidl, and I'll tell you one thing for free. They're not happy about it.

Yes, it appears the Heroes and Celebrations have landed on Irish shelves, and on offer too. Twitter user @CarlowWeather posted a photo of it with the simple exclamation, "Ah lads! It's September like!"


Soon the Irish Twitter masses came to post pictures of what's on offer in their own local stores.

Tesco even has three selection boxes on offer for clubcard owners: 3 for €5 (which sounds like an absolute bargain to me).


Even the Lindt bunnies and Santas are already out, at €4.50 a pop (a wee bit spenny in comparison but who doesn't love a Lindt bunny).

Much as I think it's too early as well as the rest of Irish Twitter, maybe it's good to stock up on your Christmas chocolate now, when you're not stone broke following Christmas shopping. Or why not pick it up for trick or treaters this year? I don't know about anyone else, but I always found the Halloween specific sweets and chocolate a bit mank.

It's all just a bit gas really. We discuss how early is too early to start talking about Christmas HERE.

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