OPINION: How early is too early to start discussing Christmas?

By Katy Thornton

August 19, 2022 at 11:06am


Yes, I'm aware it's August.


Before you start, I know we're still technically in summer (well I'm actually one of those people who believes that Autumn has begun, but that's an argument for another day) and we're still having relatively good weather. But with the announcement of the Late Late Toy Show 2022 date, as well as signs of Christmas shops popping up, not to mention walking by the below on my way home from work this week, it's got me thinking.

As the cliché saying goes, Christmas comes sooner every year. Maybe it's an adult thing, or maybe it's a hyper consumerism thing, but the last few years (which honestly covid has probably played a part in) I've found the excitement of Christmas has already passed by the time it arrives. And while there's nothing intrinsically wrong with enjoying the hype more than the day, that the 25th December comes and goes like any other day does feel a little bleak. The last few Christmas Eves I've actually been able to sleep, which appears to be a sign of growing up (no more staying up all night waiting for Santy).

How early is too early for Christmas hysteria to take over?

Do I accept that it's a bit ridiculous for Christmas shops to go up in August. Yes, I do. Do I find it increasingly hilarious how wound up people get over it? Yes, yes I do. To the point that I actually look forward to seeing which shop has the balls to start creating their Christmas shop first (hats off to you Brown Thomas). Why do I like seeing the uproar so much? For the same reason I love when there's a bit of drama on Love Island. Because it is entertaining and meme worthy.


People who love to get into Christmas early are having what I like to call a silly goose time. Maybe just as blondes (allegedly) have more fun, so do people who start celebrating Christmas early. Personally I applaud the enthusiasm even though I don't necessarily share it.

I think any sound minded person can agree that thinking about Christmas before spooky season is over (or has even begun in this case) is a bit of madness. I personally would prefer not to think about Christmas until midway through November because as a Scorpio, I like the focus to be on me until then. By that logic, in my ideal world, Christmas talk wouldn't start until the 15th November, but look, I can accept that I can't dictate this based solely on my birthday (although other Scorpios certainly would)(said Scorpios, don't come for me).


So I put the question to you. When would we ideally start discussing Christmas in your perfect world? Be mindful this is a seriously delicate subject, so let's all be kind and respect one another's opinions (even if someone believes it should begin as early as June, each to their own) (but maybe just keep an eye on this reverse-Grinch figure).

A happy medium would be the emergence of Christmas shops, lights etc from November 1st, once we've thoroughly enjoyed the Halloween season. Although if you're someone who's already getting into the Christmas spirit, more power to you.


Enjoy that silly goose time.

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