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13th Sep 2018

Irish Mother Reveals How She Lost An Incredible 69kg With One Simple Trick

Darragh Berry

This is some going and could act as a major influence or inspiration for anyone who is looking to lose some weight.

A Roscommon woman has been hitting the headlines after she shed 11 stone (69kg) in two years.

The Irish mother told The Irish Mirror that she was “allergic to exercise” until an experience walking with her aunts who were 30 years older than her changed everything.

They were outpacing her and she wasn’t able to keep up and she knew something had to change.

She joined Unislim and immediately lost three stone within four months.

Her trick to losing weight was not to think about it long term goals but to take it one pound at a time:

“Eventually I lost 11 stone. I didn’t think of it as 11 stone to lose, I saw it as a pound a week over time. That makes it manageable. I changed one habit at a time over a couple of weeks.”

Over two weeks ago, a groom in Australia admitted to losing 101kg before his wedding because of a certain diet.

His wife and him combined, lost a massive 162kg in total between the two of them.

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