'Lockering' Is A Cruel New Relationship Term That's Really Hurting Young Irish People Especially

This is beyond heartbreaking.

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Secondary school relationships are destined to fail 90% of the time.

Even if you are both going to the same college or are even taking the same classes, it's more than likely only a matter of time before something gives.

Sometimes it's temptation, sometimes you just realise the two of you are completely different.

Most of the time, it's getting your head turned by the hundreds of new people that you're seeing on a daily basis or meeting out.

So it's no surprise that someone has come up with a dating term for this and it's even education-related.

It's edulated...

'Lockering' according to AskMen is the act of "slowly freezing your significant other out of your life and blaming your studies when what's really going on is you're spending more time with new, exciting people and your main squeeze is starting to feel a little unexciting."

You know the classic, 'I've so many essays, that's why I haven't been texting you' when in truth, you've been down the pub for the last 5 days straight availing of all the student deals.

You know what they say, the back of one is the front of another.

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Darragh Berry

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