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29th Mar 2018

Here Are The Opening And Closing Times In Pubs Over Easter Including Good Friday

Darragh Berry

Tomorrow, 30th March marks the first Good Friday in 90 years where pubs and nightclubs have been allowed to open and serve drink. 

The bill which was initially passed through in the Seanad was then voted in, in the Dáil on January 25th. 

Many pubs are still undecided about whether or not to open their doors on Good Friday, some say that it’s the only day other than Christmas Day that owners and staff can take off while others will remain closed due to religious beliefs.

However, the general consensus at the moment seems to be that the majority of pubs will open up on Good Friday.

So, here’s a list of opening and closing times over the Easter period, just in case you’re unsure what time your local is shutting shop at. 

Holy Thursday:

They can open from 10:30am with a closing time of 11:30pm.

Good Friday:

Pubs are allowed open at 10:30am with a closing time of 12:30am

Easter Saturday:

Same rule applies as Good Friday, pubs can open at 10:30am and shut at 12:30am.

Easter Sunday:

Pubs open at a later time of 12:30pm on Easter Sunday and close twelve hours later at 12:30am.

There you have it, folks.

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