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14th Feb 2018

People Who Have These Names Are Most Likely To Be Rich, Apparently


A rose by any other name might smell as sweet, but it turns out a person by any other name might not make as much moolah. 

That’s according to job search engine Adzuna, which carried out a study on the earning potential of 155,000 candidates in its database. 

After analysing their CVs, it worked out the average salary of workers with different names. 

Most of the candidates are based in the UK and names with a royal heritage did very well, with ‘Ed’ and ‘Liz’ topping the charts. 

‘Ed’s can expect to take home an average of €68,977 a year, while ‘Liz’s make €43,588. 

Interestingly, employees who go by a nickname tend to earn more – ‘Bill’s take in about €63,700 while ‘Williams’ are worth just €40,600. 

Male monikers make up the top 317 highest value names – providing new evidence of the gender pay gap. 

Top 5 Most Valuable Male Names

  1. Ed – €68,977
  2. Giles – €66,730
  3. Gerry – €65,495
  4. Phillipe – €64,933
  5. Bill – €63,697

Top 5 Most Valuable Female Names

  1. Liz – €43,588
  2. Jo – €43,476
  3. Michele – €40,780
  4. Alexis – €40,667
  5. Jean – €39,881

If you fancy finding out your earning potential you can enter your name into the search engine here

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