The Most Popular Baby Names Of 2018 So Far Have Been Revealed

Sure, what's in a name...

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2018 is farrrr from over yet but these are already the names for both boys and girls all over the world that have been more popular and stand out than any other.

Baby Centre are normally the first to release the big end of year list of the biggest baby names and their annual roundup is always a must-read for those expecting.

But, if you're waiting around for a baby but can't wait until the end of the year, the folks at Baby Centre are being sound and have released the best baby names so far in 2018.

The top 20 for the boys are as follows:

20. Logan

19. Lucas

18. Ethan

17. Theo

16. Joshua

15. Archie

14. Jacob

13. Henry

12. Arthur

11. Oscar

10. Alfie

9. Freddie

8. Jack

7. Charlie

6. Leo

5. Harry

4. George

3. Noah

2. Oliver

1. Muhammad

You can find more information about the lad's names here.

While the top 20 for the girls are:

20. Freya

19. Layla

18. Sophie

17. Harper

16. Maya

15. Evie

14. Grace

13. Charlotte

12. Ella

11. Isabelle

10. Isabella

9. Mia

8. Aria

7. Isla

6. Ava

5. Emily

4. Lily

3. Ameila

2. Sophia

1. Olivia

You can find more information about the girl's names here.

If your name popular enough to be on the list? Or are you one of those people who will never, ever see your extremely Irish and unusual name on anything?

Let us know in the comments please.

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