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01st Mar 2018

The Top Five Selling Products During The Snow In Ireland Have Been Revealed

Darragh Berry

What is it about bread that us Irish love so much? Honestly, we could face any sort of a challenge but as long as we had the ingredients for some toast/a sandwich and a mug of tea, we’d take on any man, woman or child. 

In the lead up to Storm Emma, while the beast was knocking at our door, we decided to raid our local shops for fear that they might not be open for years again. 

We kept our shopping basic and as The Irish Times reveal, we spent our money on these five things more so than anything else. 

BWG Foods distribute goods to a number of national stores including Mace and Eurospar and decied to survey more than 1,000 shops and with the data collected, there was five big front-runners. 

Bread was number one, but not just any bread, oh no, it had to be Brennan’s Sliced pan but sure you already know that as you have three loaves sitting in your house as we type. 

In second place was a litre of milk because what are you going to wash the sandwich down with other than a cup of scauld. 

Third was eggs followed by firelighters in fourth place because being warm is key in this type of weather and at number five, was a nice big bottle of wine. 

Did these five items hop in your shopping basket at any stage this week?

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