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01st Mar 2018

“Beast From The East” Bread Game Will Become Your Newest Addiction During This Snow Storm

Darragh Berry

Lads remember Flappy Bird? Everyone went absolutely nuts for it and your high score was your most prized possession. 

Well with the whole bread fiasco that has gripped the nation since the snow started falling, game developers have decided that it was time to bring out a bread game that was even more addictive than flappy bird. 

The “Beast From The East” bread game puts you on a quest to find Ireland’s last loaf of bread. 

You set off with your character in the snow – who is dressed like a cowboy, we don’t understand either – and try to collect all of the Brennan’s bread on your way while avoiding the red looking blob things and the gaps in the ground. 

Playing it is simple, the up button makes you jump up and the down button makes you slide in the slow.

Each time you pass a level or die after three attempts you’ll hear Colm Meaney saying “Red Alert, Red Alert”, which will never get old in our opinion. 

You get three lives and once the third life is gone, you have to go back to the start again. 

We haven’t got passed level 3 yet but it hasn’t been from the lack of trying let me tell you.

Why don’t you have a go yourself and see how you get on. If the game doesn’t work the first time, just keep reloading until it pops up.

You can find the game here which works on your phone and laptop. 

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