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06th Sep 2018

There’s A New Funky Sex Position That Irish Couples Have Been Trying Out

Darragh Berry

Us Irish love a good shouting match. Whether it’s over the immersion, who forgot to put out the bins or, “did we make the dinner arrangement for 6 or 7”, we love a good barney.

But apparently, there’s a new specific sex position for Irish couples who want to take part in some make-up sex and it’s fittingly called ‘The Fixer’.

‘The Fixer’ involves lifting your leg over your partner’s leg while ye’re both lying down on the bed on your sides, they then “enter” you at a close angle and simply rock back and forth in this position.

Cosmopolitan says that this position is the one way to get over your issues as quick as possible.

And like many positions that you’ll find in the Kama Sutra, this one is meant to be actually quite easy to pull off.

This follows in the footsteps of ‘Queening’ and ‘Rusty Trambone’ which have also taken over the Irish relationship scene.

Jaysus lads, we can’t keep up.