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13th Nov 2017

‘Cuffing’ Is The Latest Dating Trend On The Rise This Christmas Time


‘Cuffing’ is the latest dating trend this winter season that some singletons may be drawn to.

If you’re wondering what on earth it is, ‘cuffing season’ is the term used to describe the winter period in which singles want to be ‘cuffed’ or ‘tied down’ by a serious relationship.

It’s mainly to help beat the thought of being alone around the festive, cold period, according to Urban Dictionary.

The UK Independent said that people tend to get more lonely around this time of year and seek to find a partner to get through those cold winter nights.

When you think of it, is is nice to have someone to snuggle up with and binge watch Netflix, or perhaps go ice-skating with around Christmas.

It’s all down to those cold winter nights 

Dating apps like Tinder also see an increase of people signing up this time of year in hopes of finding a partner or someone to share the winter months with.

One thing daters who are drawn towards ‘cuffing’ need to be mindful of is what they’ll do once the sun starts creeping back in and Christmas is over, Loveologist Wendy Strgar said.

According to, she said, “The danger of extending hookups is that they might not have enough context or back bone to turn into something trustworthy and loving, which then becomes part of the cuffing story, that relationships are limiting—like handcuffs—and ultimately not rewarding.”

So if you’re tempted, maybe think before you commit to anything! Remember, a relationship isn’t just for Christmas…

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