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27th Oct 2022

The top trending Halloween costumes in Ireland if you’re in need of inspo

Katy Thornton

halloween costumes

Halloween is T-minus four days away!

In need of some Halloween costume inspo? So is the rest of Ireland, according to Google, who found we have been googling like crazy on the subject. Given that Halloween is an Irish holiday that should come as no surprise.

What does come as a surprise, to a 26, nearly 27 year old, is the most searched for costume, which is Blippi. I had to google what Blippi was, but people, and by people I mean children, are obsessed with him it would seem. Another popular choice I hadn’t heard of was Huggy Wuggy but upon a quick google search that fella is in fact terrifying, so makes sense.

Thankfully many of the trending costumes are ones I have heard of, some of which are even easy to throw together in a pinch, so without further ado, allow us to ease your Halloween stresses.

Trending costumes, October 2022, Ireland

That there were several on this list I didn’t recognise makes me feel very old.

  1. Blippi

  2. Goddess

  3. Sarah Sanderson

  4. Huggy Wuggy

  5. Cobra Kai

  6. Winifred Sanderson

  7. Scoops Ahoy

  8. Police officer

  9. Shaggy

  10. Rainbow friends

Trending couple costumes, October 2022, Ireland

Rick and Morty may be the easiest one here, or even Danny and Sandy if you’re really stuck but in need for a killer couple look.

  1. Princess Peach and Daisy

  2. Angel and Devil

  3. Pineapple and Palm tree

  4. Danny and Sandy

  5. Squints and Wendy Peffercorn

  6. Rick and Morty

  7. Robin and Steve (Stranger Things)

  8. Peter Pan and Tinkerbell

  9. Step Brothers

  10. Captain Hook and Tinkerbell

Trending Kids costumes, October 2022, Ireland

Kind of obsessed with a robot being the top trending Halloween costume for kids this year – and not so obsessed with Pennywise being second.

  1. Robot

  2. Pennywise

  3. Ghostbusters

  4. Batgirl

  5. Dog

  6. Hocus Pocus

  7. Jack Skellington

  8. Belle

  9. Sonic

  10. Freddy Krueger

Trending DIY costumes, October

If you’re stone broke and looking to get your arts and crafts on and put together one of these trending Halloween costumes. You’d be surprised what you can achieve when you put your mind to it.

  1. Dog

  2. Astronaut

  3. Wonder Woman

  4. Gru

  5. Tom and Jerry

  6. Ginny Weasley

  7. Ghost

  8. Vampire

  9. Little Red Riding Hood

  10. Eleven (Stranger Things)

Most searched makeup-looks, October 2022, Ireland

This is probably the route I’m going to go down, having left it completely last minute to decide on what to be. What I lack in costume I plan to make up for with makeup, of which I have plenty, and am rather good at. And if you want to make it spooky, there’s always some liquid latex or make for some gore.

  1. Demon

  2. La dia de los muertos

  3. Harley Quinn

  4. Ghost

  5. Zombie

  6. Creepy Doll

  7. Red Riding Hood

  8. Emo

  9. Morticia Addams

  10. Minnie Mouse

Trending Horror/Halloween movies, October 2022, Ireland

  1. Winnie the Pooh

  2. Smile

  3. Sleepy Hollow

  4. Choose or Die

  5. Friday the 13th

  6. Cloverfield

  7. Seed of Chucky

  8. Carrie

  9. Corpse bride

  10. The Sixth Sense

And if you want to go as something no one will have thought of, well, here’s the list of what NOT to go as!

Header images via IMBD

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