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06th May 2022

There’s going to be a ‘pet wellness centre’ for sale in Lidl next week

Fiona Frawley

golden retriever dog in a blue paddling pool

And other furry friend-focussed gems.

There’s nothing like the rush of being ready and waiting to pounce outside your local Lidl, the morning the item of your dreams lands in the middle aisle. It could be a suite of garden furniture, it could be a highly coveted air fryer, it could be an inflatable canoe – all you know is you need it. It’s a thrill everyone needs to experience at least once, including your pet.

Luckily, next week at Lidl is all about the pets. We’re talking doggy paddling pools, we’re talking cat climbing towers, we’re talking entire pet wellness centres, people. This is not a drill.

Here’s a quick look at some of the bits that’ll be available next week:

Doggy paddling pool, bliss for your pupper on a warm day:

Dog paddling pool, €34.99

A cat climbing frame in an extremely chic colour way – it’s giving Molly Mae’s new gaff vibes:

Cat activity tower, €39.99

Not sure exactly what this does, but it’s a pet wellness centre. I’m assuming it pumps out a steady supply of catnip and belly rubs:

Pet wellness centre, €24.99

Meanwhile, this polite gentleman just needs a puppacino and a moment in the shade:

Dog bed with sun shade, €14.99

There’ll also be retractable leads, Nerf dog toys, automatic feeders and loads of other handy pet bits, all available from Thursday 12th May in all 174 Lidl stores nationwide, while stocks last.

We wait with bated breath for the slow mo TikToks of dogs diving gleefully into their pools.

Header image via Lidl

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