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27th Dec 2017

The Reason Why So Many People Stay In Toxic Relationships May Surprise You


We’ve probably all been there.

Whether you’ve experienced first-hand what it’s like to be in a toxic relationship, or whether you’ve had to give advice to a friend in the position, it’s never a fun situation. 

But, according to Women’s Health, there’s a perfectly logical reason for staying in a bad relationship.

It all comes down to the love hormone. 

Yes, you read it right. The love hormone. 

When a person feels their partner is distant and uninterested, they release more Oxytocin than when they feel supported and cared for.

Oxytocin plays a huge role in “pair bonding”, as it is the hormone that underlies trust. 

That kind of helps to understand why it’s so hard to convince your (stubborn) best friend to get out of that harmful relationship. 

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