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The Three Disgusting Things You Never Knew About Hotel Rooms

By Shirleydonlon

January 23, 2018 at 1:04pm


Once upon a time, staying overnight in a hotel was a luxury.

However, nowadays staying in hotels has become a pretty casual thing thanks to cheap online deals and budget chains, and we rarely give our hotel room a second thought once we see that it has the essential things we will need for an overnight stay. 

Bustle talked to some hotel experts about how dirty hotels can actually be though, and now we'll never look at a hotel room the same again. 

1. Carpets can be FILTHY

Budget travel bloggers Luci and Alicia Peraza told the publication that some hotels don't replace the carpet in bedrooms as often as they really should.

They also said that a quick hoover of the carpet doesn't really make much of a difference to how clean it really is.

So it might be a good idea to bring a pair of slippers or a limitless supply of cosy socks with you next time you're staying over in a hotel.

2. Using the air con is a bad idea

Former hotel manager, Chris Johnston, said that a massive source of germs in any hotel room is the air conditioning unit.

If the machine hasn't been cleaned between guests, the germs from the previous stay will be directly released into your room when the AC is turned on. 

He said: "If hotel staff fails to clean the filters (or at least clean the top visible portion), simply turning on the unit can cause these particles to fill your room and your lungs."

3. Bed throws aren't always changed

Although sheets and pillow cases are always regularly changed between guests, the same doesn't go for the fancy throw on the end of the bed.

Luci and Alicia Peraza told the publication that they are sometimes only changed twice a year.


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