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12 Irrational Thoughts You Have When Your Other Half Walks Faster Than You

By Megan Cassidy

August 4, 2018 at 9:56am


Deciding to embark on the journey of life with another human is a big undertaking.

Deciding to walk to work with said person is an even bigger one.

Why is it that *some* people are happy to leave their beloved for dead and stride ahead like their companion doesn't exist on the treacherous walk to work/through an airport/exploring a new city on a "romantic" holiday?

Here's what goes through your head when your other half always walks ahead.

1. This is lovely now, two lovebirds walking abreast

2. Oh, we're picking up the pace I see, I'll just take bigger breaths and not talk as much

3. Okay, I physically can't

4. If I walk at my own pace with confidence, he'll slow down

5. Where is he gone

6. He's not the one. The one would wait

7. Everyone's going to think we're fighting

8. If we can't walk at the same pace, can we raise children together?

9. If I stop to tie my shoelace I may never see him again

10. Did he just elbow an old lady? This is not my life partner

11. If I hide behind this bin, how long will it take him to notice I'm not there?

12. This proves he doesn't care about me. Just like the time he *insert long held grudge you always come back to here*

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