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15th Mar 2018

“Real Looking” WhatsApp Scam About ‘Free 5L Heineken’ Could Catch You Out So Close To Paddy’s Day

Darragh Berry

Hoax slayer have stated that a new WhatsApp scam that is circulating is catching out more people than ever because of its added appeal coming up to St. Patrick’s Day.

The offer looks extremely real and is said to be in celebration of Heineken’s 140th anniversary but it’s a phishing scam where fraudsters hope to get your personal information. 

The message says that the brewery is giving away five-litre barrels of its beer to mark the anniversary and then they urge people to click on a link to enjoy the offer. 

However, clicking on the link takes the person to a false website where they are asked for personal data in order to be in with a chance of winning even more prizes.

Heino Scam

The message is in no way sanctioned by Heineken and customers have been advised not to click on the link, share personal data, or share the message within their networks.

It is suspected that this scam may begin to circulate around Facebook and Twitter also ahead of the weekend ahead but customers are warned that:

“If one of these messages comes your way, do not follow any links that it contains.”

We really wish this was true, especially for the week that’s in it. 

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