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15th Jul 2022

You no longer have to respond to people on WhatsApp, emoji reactions have landed

Katy Thornton

Thumbs up all around.

WhatsApp have answered our prayers. Don’t want to respond to someone properly? Can’t quite find the words to express yourself? Well now you don’t need them; this Sunday, on World Emoji Day (17th July) WhatsApp officially launches a true gift to texters with their new emoji reactions feature. And not just a select few like the smiles, winks, and kisses. No, now you can react with an emoji your heart is set on.

Image via Murray Group

Editor in Chief of Emojipedia, Keith Broni says this of the update:

“Emojis are more popular today than ever before, and today’s expansion of WhatsApp Reactions is sure to propel their popularity to even greater heights. With over 3,600 possible new emoji options, we’re delighted to team up with WhatsApp today and use our expertise to address the hottest debates in emoji understanding.”

I personally love to use random emojis to describe my exact emotions at any given time, and now you can use them alone to express yourself. Use two, or seven if you like. Create a story with your emojis, or a riddle. My personal faves are the melting sarcastic face, the half smile, and you can never go wrong with the sunshine face emoji.

Emoji reactions are the way forward when it comes to WhatsApp communication.

Header image via Alex Ware via Unsplash

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