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22nd Sep 2021

Will this new book help us re-learn all the social skills we lost over lockdown?

Fiona Frawley

God knows, we all need a bitta help in this area.

After months of seeing no one other than the DPD delivery driver during the day, the prospect of returning to the office for workplace banter or just general social interactions can feel a bit… much. How exactly does one engage in small talk by the microwave again? Feels like a lifetime since we’ve done it last.

We’re relying on this new book by an Irish author to show us the light. How to be a People Person by Lara Cullen is a “smart and powerful framework for living, working and leading that equips and inspires you to truly be yourself, at your best and to help others do the same”.

Lara describes a people person as “someone who brings out the best in themselves and others”. She also challenges the perception that a people person must be outgoing and sociable. Crucially, her book factors in the challenges of living in a technology driven and often disconnected world.

The book draws on proven psychology, up to date neuroscience, wellbeing insights and Lara’s own professional experience which spans over 20 years. It also touches on self acceptance, compassion and inclusivity.

Lara emphasises that the book isn’t about social skills or “how to work a room”. It’s a framework for living, working and leading in a way that allows you to be the best version of yourself, while helping others to do the same.

How to be a People Person is out on the 28th of October, and is available for preorder from most major booksellers now.

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