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12th Dec 2017

A Canadian Scientist Has Confirmed That Man Flu Is The Real Deal

James Fenton

Now do you believe us? 

While man flu has often been dismissed as a ruse devised by moany men in order to get some TLC, it turns out that it might actually be the real deal. 

A study conducted by Canadian scientist Dr. Kyle Sue has found that men suffer worse cold and flu symptoms than women and are even more likely to die from influenza. 

The article, which has appeared in the British Medical Journal also found that doctors tend to underrate the seriousness of flu symptoms in males and are ‘more ready to attribute symptoms and illness to women than to men’.

Women are also known to be more responsive to flu vaccinations than their male counterparts. 

In the piece, Sue writes that the concept of man flu shouldn’t be dismissed so easily, saying ‘since about half of the world’s population is male, deeming male viral respiratory symptoms as ‘exaggerated’ without rigorous scientific evidence could have important implications for men, including insufficient provision of care.’

So, there you have it. With the worst of winter taking hold we’re likely to hear a lot more complaints of man flu in the coming weeks. Maybe us lads should be given the benefit of the doubt? Now, pass the tissues. 

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