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11th Dec 2017

Dublin Medics Warn Of Avocado Dangers After Woman “Impaled” Her Hand With Knife


Warning: this might put you off your smashed avocado toast in the morning.

Irish medics have warned of the dangers of slicing avocados in November’s issue of the Irish Medical Journal – and it’s absolutely horrific. 

A 32-year-old woman attended the Emergency Department at Beaumont Hospital in Dublin with with a self-inflicted stabbing injury to her left ring finger after she was slicing an avocado and the knife slipped. 

‘Avocado hand’ is the term given to a stabbing injury to the non-dominant hand as the knife slips past the stone, through the soft avocado fruit, and the injuries have been on the rise in the UK of late, although it appears this is the first recorded incident in Ireland.

The medics documenting this particular case stated that the woman required nerve surgery and that they hoped to raise awareness of calls for safety labels to be placed on avocados.

Graphic images of this Irish avocado injury can be seen here.

The medics in the IMJ go on to say that “this seemingly innocuous slip of the vegetable knife can cause significant injuries, often requiring exploration under regional or general anaesthetic”, and that “the public needs to be educated on the potential dangers of preparing avocados.” 

They noted that “celebrity chef, Jamie Oliver has released a short video demonstrating a safe method to cut and de-stone an avocado by simply using a chopping board.”

Christ. Be careful out there you avocado lovers.

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