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14th Dec 2017

A Former Irish Rugby Player Has Set Off On An Epic Mission To Row Across The Atlantic

James Fenton

Former Leinster rugby player Damian Browne has faced a lot of challenges during his 16-year career but they all pale in comparison to the one he has just embarked on. 

The Galway man, who has no maritime experience, has today set sail on an unsupported solo rowing mission across the Atlantic Ocean and if you’re wondering why he’s decided to take on such a massive physical task, the answer is quite complex.

Damian says that what he is undertaking is “the opposite of the instant gratification we all seem to be chasing” and a greater understanding of the 37-year-old’s motives can be found in the epic video below which was produced by Heavy Man Films. 

Damian adds:

“I am in love with the world. I love exploring, I love the freedom of it. I love the simplicity of it. Just throwing on a backpack, hopping on a plane and arriving in a country I’ve never been in. The sights, the sounds, the smells. It brings so much life and energy to my existence.”

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While Damian clearly has personal reasons to take on such an life-changing endeavour, a host of others will benefit from his task as he has already raised over €65,000 for three charities namely Doctors Without Borders, Strong Roots Foundation Rwanda and

Should Damian prove to be successful he would become only the third Irishman to row across the Atlantic following Sean McGowan in 2010 and Gavan Hennigan last year. If you want to support Damian in his challenge click here

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