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14th Dec 2017

The UK Has Just Claimed The Irish Accent As Their Own — Seriously


It happens time and time again. Saoirse Ronan gets nominated? She’s a “British” actor. Katie Taylor goes for gold? Yep, that’s just the “British” boxer at it again.

We wish we could just let go and live our lives but this time something that is sacred to each and every single one of us has been claimed, and we’re shook. 

A recent poll conducted by The Language Gallery asked British people to vote for the sexiest accent in the UK (the key word here is UNITED KINGDOM), and guess what came out on top?

Our charming “Emerald Isle brogue.”

Now while The Evening Standard report in their coverage of the results that “the winner might not come as a total surprise”, we reckon that considering Ireland isn’t in the UK it is a surprise. 

The accent proved the most popular with both females (19 per cent) and males (13 per cent) voting it as the sexiest.

Ugh. We just HOPE they meant Northern Ireland…

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