A Rough Sleeper In Ireland Has Died Due To Freezing Cold Temperatures

The father-of-three was found on Friday afternoon


The body of Paul Gorman was found in the trolley bay of Tesco at the Longwalk Shopping Centre in Dundalk at approximately 12pm on Friday afternoon. 

He had been sleeping rough on Thursday night, when temperatures plummeted below zero which is believed to be the cause of death. 

Michelle Ryan of Dundalk Simon Community has described Mr Gorman's death as a "tragedy", according to the Dundalk Democrat. He is survived by his partner and their three children. 

“This death is a tragic event. It's heartbreaking. To die alone and on the streets – what could make for a sadder Christmas,” said Michelle.

Homeless charities' resources are stretched extremely thin as weather conditions get rougher and colder by the day. 

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