Aer Lingus Flight Heading To Ireland Forced To Make Dramatic Diversion

The flight was coming from Edinburgh.

Aer Lingus

AIRLIVE has confirmed that a flight that was headed for Shannon from Edinburgh was forced to make a dramatic diversion. 

On Monday morning, the flight that was headed for the south-west of the country was diverted to Belfast due to a medical issue involving one of the passengers.

Flight EI3675 from Edinburgh to Shannon diverted to Belfast just before 10am although it was scheduled to land in Clare at 10:30. 

The Airspace and Services team tweeted: “Aer Lingus #EI3675 to Shannon is declaring an emergency and diverting to Belfast," before adding “UPDATE Aer Lingus #EI3675 to Shannon diverted to Belfast due to medical emergency.”

The person who they had thanked for the information regarding the flight also commented underneath the tweet stating that: I'm on [the flight]. Just landed in Belfast. A lady has taken not well."

The current medical status of the lady in question and the status of the flight are still unknown at the time of writing. 

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