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02nd Oct 2018

Aldi Release Halloween Range This Week To Get You In The Festive Mood


Aldi is releasing a Halloween range this Thursday to make sure are fully covered for the trick or treating season.

Here are some of the big brands that you’ll be able to get your hands on.

  • The Jelly Bean Factory Pouch Sharing Bag €8.99/435g
  • Cadbury Dairy Milks Buttons Treat-size €1.99/170g
  • Mars Fun Size €2.49/250g
  • Haribo Super Mini Mix €2.49/370g
  • Tayto Bumper Bundle €3.00/12 pack – Includes 4 Snax, 4 Wheelies and 4 Chickatees
  • Candyking Tubs €1.99 each
  • Halloween Barmbrack with Ring €0.89/454g
  • Monkey Nuts €1.49/400g

Aldi favourites that you could not be without!

  • Snackrite Cinema Style Hand Cooked Salted Popcorn €1.69/9 pack
  • Snackrite Okey Dokeys Crisps €2.49/12 pack
  • Strawberry Pencils/Fizzy Belts/Strawberry Laces/Fizzy Strawberry Lances €0.35/75g
  • Lollipops €1.59/200g
  • Fizzy Dummies/Fizzy Cola Bottles €0.85/125g or 130g
  • Flix ‘n’ Mix €1.89/350g
  • Dairyfine Roar Treatsize €1.49/225g
  • Dairyfine Jive Treatsize €1.49/252g

Aldi Halloween

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