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12th Oct 2017

An Actual Hurricane Is On Track To Hit Ireland On Monday


In the past couple of weeks we’ve seen hurricanes wreak havoc across the Caribbean and parts of Florida and Texas. 

In a remarkable and unexpected twist of events we are now in the track of a hurricane ourselves with a new storm set to hit Ireland on Monday. 

The storm has started brewing in the northeastern Atlantic and instead of tracking Eastward the cone is heading straight in our direction…

The storm has formed so far North that it will catch the midlatitude westerlies pushing it up the Spanish coast and right towards Ireland.

By the time it reaches us it may no longer be a tropical storm but will still have winds of 60-80 Mph. On the Saffir-Simpson wind scale, a category 1 hurricane consists of wind speeds of 74-95 Mph. This is one that we are all going to have to keep an eye on over the coming days.

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