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30th Nov 2017

Apparently This Is How Many Calories We Consume On Christmas Day


Okay, so not many people start their diets on Christmas Day, but when you actually look at the calories we consume on the 25th, it’s quite astounding. 

A study by Forza Supplements found that the average person eats up to 5,241 calories on December 25 and you would have to run two marathons to burn it all of – a total of 52 miles.

We do tend to over indulge on food on Christmas day from our big turkey dinner to a few (too many) glasses of wine.

The study found that we consume up to 1,327 calories of alcohol, 1,290 on treats and pudding, and 496 on a starter or appetiser and that’s not counting the 2,128 calories consumed during the Christmas dinner itself.

From Christmas Eve and New Year’s Day apparently on average we put on 4lbs after consuming twice our recommended calorie intake.

Lee Smith who is the Managing Director of Forza Supplements said, “The problem most dieters have is they tend to “write off” Christmas and go right over the top – not just on Christmas dinner but all the endless nibbles which are brought out between meals.

“When dieters realise you have to run a half marathon to work off the calories consumed having Christmas pudding and cheese, they might just think it is worth calling it day after the turkey.”

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