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23rd Aug 2018

B*Witched Apologise To Bride Who Broke Her Legs Dancing To C’est La Vie

Kiara Keane

We’d all like to think we’ll have a wedding to remember, and one bride has done just that after dancing so hard to B*Witched that she landed herself in A&E.

And not only that, but she also got herself a personal apology from Keavy, Edele and Sinead.

Newlywed Lyndsey Pardoe clearly had quite the wedding party and actually ended up with a cast on both legs from all the dancing.

A patient sitting next to her in the Birmingham hospital tweeted that she overheard Lyndsey telling medical staff what had gone down.

She wrote:

“Just heard her telling someone it was her wedding on Saturday & she got a bit too overexcited Irish dancing to C’est La Vie.”

It seems that it’s not the first time someone’s had a C’est La Vie-related injury on the dancefloor because Sinead O’Carrol later responded with “not another person…”

Edele and Keavy Lynch also apologised for the bride’s injury:

As Lyndsey’s fellow patient in the hospital put it: “If you’re gonna have a reason to be in A&E, that should always be it.”

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