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23rd Aug 2018

Tiger Woods Has Congratulated Limerick On Their All-Ireland Win

James Fenton

It’s now four days since Limerick ended a 45-year-wait for an All-Ireland Hurling title so you’d imagine their triumphant players might just have landed back on earth after all the hysteria.

That is until they read this glowing tribute from one of the most famous sport stars in the world. Tiger Woods, 14-time Major-winning golfer, has told how delighted he was to see the Shannonsiders take Liam McCarthy home, citing his friendship with Limerick businessman J.P. McManus.

Woods said:

“JP is one of my dearest friends and it’s cool his Limerick team finally won the title as I know how passionate he is about his hurling as well as his love of horse-racing and, of course, golf,” said Woods.

“I remember one year I was over for his Pro-Am and JP took me to a hurling match. I thought it was pretty neat but not a sport I would want try (smiling).

“I try to keep in contact with him as much as our time allows but that’s great news for JP and Limerick and I’m really pleased for him as JP just does so much for sport in Ireland.

“It was a pretty cool result last weekend for JP and Limerick and my congrats to them.”

High praise indeed. Woods added that he was “looking forward to going back to Ireland in 2020 for his (McManus’) Pro-Am at Adare Manor.”

He definitely won’t have to buy a drink in the town after his kind words.

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