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04th May 2018

Irish Media Site Criticised For Falsely Reporting Ed Sheeran’s Irish Tour Was Cancelled


Dry your pretty eyes, Ed Sheeran fans across the nation. We know, we know – you got a big scare earlier, but all’s okay now. 

When Irish site Benchwarmers published an article earlier today saying that “BREAKING: All Ed Sheeran Irish tour dates have been cancelled”, fans were understandably upset.

Especially when it was revealed all to be a “joke” and upon clicking in to the article readers were greeted with “Just kidding. Enjoy the show”.

*eye roll*

The publisher has since come under fire on social media for its attempt of trickery and the Benchwarmers Twitter account is now suspended and the original article has been removed from the site.

And yes, the Ed Sheeran Irish dates ARE STILL GOING AHEAD. 

People aren’t taking the Benchwarmers “joke” too well…

This isn’t the first time Benchwarmers has played this game, as they published the exact same false report in 2015, saying that Ed Sheeran’s Croke Park gigs were cancelled.

They weren’t. 

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