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17th Dec 2018

Met Eireann Forecaster Gives Weather Outlook For Christmas Day

Darragh Berry

Would you believe it if we said that no fresh snow has fallen on Irish ground on the 25th of December since 2004.

That’s over a decade of waking up, opening your presents and either seeing that it’s lashing rain or it’s as dry as a Summer’s Day.

You can try making Christmas angels in the grass but you’ll end up destroying your clothes and probably your parent’s garden.

And, it looks like the snow drought is set to continue as meteorologist Liz Gavin told The Irish Independent that:

“So far there’s no indication in our chart of snow for Christmas, as the temperatures are far too mild.”

As it stands, temperatures till be around 5 to 12 degrees on the 25th which is nowhere near the 3 degrees needed to get snow according to the Weather expert.

Although Ladbrokes had said that there was a big chance of Ireland getting a white Christmas this year, it’s looking ever more so unlikely.

There’s also a tonne of weather warnings in place for the country as it stands, and none of them contain the words snow, sadly.

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