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07th Dec 2017

Could This Little Cottage Be The Cheapest House For Sale In Ireland Right Now?


Have you ever wondered how long you’ll have to save for to be able to afford your first home? Well, you could be closer than you think.

You could get your hands on this countryside cottage for less than the price of some family cars. 

And although this house might require a bit more re-vamping than the average one, you can’t really complain when it’s being auctioned for €25,000. 

Killasanowel Cottage lies on a 1.7 acre site just outside Carrick-On-Shannon, Co Leitrim, according to

Leitrim Cottage Reabrady Real Online Auctions

Image: REA Brady (

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The cute cottage is being auctioned off as a Christmas gift on Tuesday, December 19th, with an advised minimum value of €25,000, and is listed with REA Brady in Carrick-on-Shannon.

Joe Brady of REA Brady said that it will be a bargain for whoever ends up buying the house, and although it will need a lot of work the final result could be idyllic.

He added: “It is a rural cottage in a tranquil setting that, with a lot of tender loving care, could be a family project and a home to make memories in. Let’s be clear, this is a project, but underneath that rough exterior is a diamond.”

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