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17th Jan 2018

PIC: Mexican Tabloid’s Treatment Of Dolores O’Riordan’s Death On Front Page Is Disgraceful

Darragh Berry

Limerick, Ireland and the world lost a music legend on Monday when it was announced that Dolores O’Riordan had passed away in her London home. 

There were many tributes on Tuesday from music icons and ordinary Irish people who wanted to tell their Dolores stories and talk about the impact she had on their life.

It dominated the front page of every Irish paper on Tuesday and rightfully so and it also dominated the front page of this Mexican paper too.

The Metro printed a picture of O’Riordan playing the guitar with the line “ya es zombi” which translates to “Now, She’s A Zombie.”

The paper was attacked for its choice of words and newspapers across Spain and south America were livid that this caption had made the front page.

Spanish daily Publico branded the headline – ‘Ya Es Zombie’ in Spanish – as the “most offensive of the year.”

This is absolutely disgraceful. How any editor would think that this is acceptable is bizarre.

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