'A rare sight' - Cork photographer spots dolphins swimming in River Lee

By Fiona Frawley

March 15, 2023 at 12:57pm


The pod of dolphins were spotted swimming past Patrick's Quay yesterday evening.

Cork City locals were bewildered as a pair of dolphins made their way up the River Lee yesterday evening, like a 1990s lower back tattoo brought to life.

A timely appearance with March being Dolphin Awareness Month, onlookers believe that the aquatic mammals may have ventured into the city looking for food.

Cork-based photographer Terry McAuliffe managed to capture some shots of the pod, who shared the water with rowing team Cork Dragons as they set out on their first paddle of the year.

The dolphins were spotted swimming alongside a local rowing team. Image via Twitter/Terry McAuliffe. 


This isn't the first time dolphins have been spotted in the Rebel River - a pair were also seen playing in the Lee back in November of 2021.

While onlookers were delighted to see the pod making their way along the quays, others expressed fears that the dolphins could be confused or unwell and the Irish Whale and Dolphin Group have said they'll be keeping a close eye on the them until they're ready to return to open water.

Header image via Shutterstock


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