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11th Dec 2017

Don’t Panic – The ‘WhatsApp Scam’ Everyone’s Talking About Isn’t Real


Attention WhatsApp users!

You may or may not have received a message over the past couple of days. The message warned users of the app that there is a malicious piece of software going around, and that it can hack into your phone within ten seconds.

Luckily, the WhatsApp scam, called ‘Martinelli’ is a complete hoax, according to the folk at Newstalk. 

Earlier this year, Spanish police identified the chain mail message as a hoax, as they found that it would have no viable threat toward a phone. 


Newstalk’s technology correspondent Jess Kelly said: “It reminds me of the chain messages I used to get in the post when I was a kid, this is just a modern version of that.”

So for anyone who was thinking about boycotting the app because of the scam, it looks like you won’t have to anymore. 

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