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02nd Jul 2018

Got An Empty Driveway? You Can Now Make Money Off It

James Fenton

Got a driveway outside your gaff going to waste? You can now make a few quid off it.

Parkpnp and GoCar have announced the launch of a new scheme which will allow homeowners to earn cash or credit for hosting a GoCar in their driveways. On top of that, those who avail of the scheme will have access to a pay-as-you-go car whenever they need it.

The two companies have been operating a successful pilot in the Deansgrange area for the past year and Colm Brady, Managing Director of GoCar feels those who take part will be doing their neighbours a big favour, saying:

“This partnership allows people to have access to car sharing for themselves and their communities, and also benefit from the space they’ve freed up now they can get rid of their own car.

“There has been a lot of enthusiasm about our expansion, and we’re constantly open to feedback from the public on an area where they would like to see car sharing.”

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Garret Flower, Parkpnp Global CEO added:

“This is a match made in heaven for smart homeowners. If I had a driveway I’d be the first to sign up. Literally people are getting paid to have a new car in their driveway, without any of the overheads which come with car ownership.”

Those who wish to register their interest in the scheme can do so here.

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