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07th Sep 2022

Energy crisis could see a reduction on Christmas street lights this year

Katy Thornton

Christmas could look significantly less sparkly this year.

Christmas may be 4 months away, but talks have started about the use of festive street lights. Amongst many people’s December traditions is going to see the annual switching on of the Christmas lights. However, amid the energy crisis, this could change significantly this year.

Energy Minister Eamon Ryan has said that local authorities are looking into the use of Christmas street lights this year amid the energy crisis. According to The Journal, “When asked about this year’s Christmas lights for cities, towns and villages across the country, the minister said it is something the Government will “come back to” later in the year.”

Ryan said that all avenues needed to be assessed when it comes to the energy crisis; however a decision has not yet been made.

Galway Christmas Lights

The Energy minister has also said that blackouts could be unavoidable this winter. However The Journal reports that:

Government sources said they would be very reluctant to give advice on such a measure as curtailing Christmas lights, stating that there will be questions about “how much of this is virtue signalling”, reiterating that it is unlikely Ireland will experience blackouts or brownouts this winter.”

Essentially cutting Christmas street lights is so far just a possibility and by no means guaranteed. Government will continue to assess a range of options when it comes to reducing power this year.

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