Irish cafés countrywide lament recent influx of high electricity bills

By Katy Thornton

September 6, 2022 at 5:06pm


High electricity bills seem to be the latest unsavoury trend for Irish hospitality.


Things have gone a little bit bananas when it comes to electricity prices. While it's something we have been warned about for months, the reality of it is chilling. Hospitality venues countrywide are being notably vocal about the huge bills they are receiving.

Poppyfields Café in Westmeath

As reported on last week, Poppyfields Café in Westmeath shared their electricity bill that covered just under 10 weeks and cost a whopping €9836.92.

Owner Geraldine Dolan was naturally appalled by the bill, particularly given that Poppyfields is "a small coffee shop" and racking up such a bill.


Bella & Brava, Sligo

This Sligo restaurant took to Instagram to share their electricity bill of just 51 days, which was €3680.78. In their short but disappointed caption they simply said:

"@electricireland how are we supposed to survive when we are receiving bills like this???"

A fellow Sligo café Tempo Taste responded to Bella & Brava to say they had received a very similar bill.


Duke's Coffee Co, Cork

Cork café Duke's Coffee Co also uploaded one of their electricity bills which sits at €4991.13. There are two Duke's in Cork, and the owners made a point of stating that this astronomical bill was from "one café" only.

Image via Instagram stories/dukes_coffee_co


That there is undoubtedly more Irish cafés and restaurants that haven't shared their own high electricity bills is devastating. After two difficult years for hospitality as a result of the pandemic closures, this energy crisis is another significant blow to the industry.


Lovin has reached out to the Restaurant Association of Ireland (RAI) to get a comment on this recent hike in electricity bills.

Header image via Instagram/dukes_coffee_co

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