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03rd Jul 2018

Former Famous Fair City Actress To Become An Astronaut

Darragh Berry

You know how the saying goes: If you can act, you can astronaut…

That’s how the saying goes? Right?

Former Fair City actress, Niamh Shaw is reaching for the skies as she begins her training to become an astronaut.

Shaw, who played the role of Frances McGuigan in the famous soap opera, told The Irish Independent that if she didn’t do it “it will haunt me for the rest of my life.”

The realisation came when she was performing in a theatre show where she portrayed the role of an Astronaut:

“I had a boiler suit, like an astronaut’s flight suit, and lined up a load of science fiction movies, things that made me feel like I was going to space.

“And I started to get really sad. I felt embarrassed and was crying. I’d had a massive realisation: I wasn’t an astronaut, and had done nothing about it. I was all talk, a big fake.

You can find Shaw playing out one of her most iconic scenes as Frances in the show here where she’s trying to fight off Eamon Stephens who catches her by the throat and threatens her.

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