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20th Dec 2016

11 Things We Just Can’t Quite Believe Are Real


1. The Happy Pear twins

It’s just not natural for two grown men to be so very chirpy, about everything, and at all hours of the day – but these Greystones natives and healthy food enthusiasts make it all look soooo easy. (We hate them.)

2. The Walnut Whip doughnut

Yep, it’s a thing – thanks to Slice in Stoneybatter, whose weekly celebration of all things sweet and deep fried, #durtydonutthursday, is going down a storm. Tomorrow’s special? A Walnut Whirl doughnut – a whipped vanilla cream centre, chocolate icing and a candied walnut on top. Slobber.

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3. Pitt Bros’ secret dirty menu

It’s not all that secret any more, but it’s still seriously dirty

4. Avonmore’s Summer whipped cream

On first glance, you might ask yourself, what the hell is Summer whipped cream, and could it really be that different to ordinary whipped cream? Well, let us tell you: it’s a vanilla-infused whipped cream and yes, it really, really could. Summery heaven.

Whipped Cream Pie

5. The Irish Curry Awards

“Irish” and “curry” are words you don’t see together all that often, but in this case, it’s a chance for Irish curry joints to get recognition. Cos, why not?

6. The Rose of Tralee

The rapping Rose; the hoop dancing; the on-stage protestor; the “lovely girls”; the escorts; the on-stage hurling… You couldn’t make it up.

7. Sweet Republic’s doughnut milkshakes

Because if there are two things in the world that need added sugar, they are definitely milkshakes and doughnuts. Definitely.

8. Tiger’s octopus fingers

No matter how long we gaze at these bizarre silicone fingers, the less sense they make. But isn’t that half the fun?

Tiger Fingers

9. Rolling Donut’s bacon and maple doughnut

Because if it works as a breakfast choice, it must work as a doughnut, right? Well, no, not always – but this sweet’n’salty concoction somehow manages it.

10. Tayto Park (and chocolate, and pasta bake)

We get that Tayto is a national institution, and we love that crazy crisp dude as much as the next person – but did he really need his own theme park? And now – what – crisps on a pasta bake?! WHEN WILL THIS MADNESS END?!

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11. Celtic The Musical

Nope, this is not a fun musical about life as a Celt; it’s a musical about Celtic. The football team, and it’s on until September 24. Now you know what to get the Celtic fan who has everything…

Celtic Football Players