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20th Dec 2016

23 Whopper Things You Can Buy In Tiger Right Now


Our love affair with Tiger is only getting stronger as time goes on. 

And as the saying goes – shiny plastic love, is real love.

Besides its wonderful collection of all things unnecessary and disposable, Tiger also holds its own in comparison to other stores, selling quality, useful and deadly goods for much lower prices than you’d expect. And this month is no different.

Take a gander and decide for yourselves…

1. These deadly vinyls 

For just €15.

Img 6057

2. …to play on your DEADLY NEW LP PLAYER

Img 6087

3. A front bike light


Img 6060

4. Bike tail lights


Img 6061

5. Disposable paper cups with lids and pandas

Because who needs a reason?!

Img 6059

6. Tubs and tubs of pearl clay


Look how satisfying that looks.

Img 6062

7. Hair rollers 

For all you glam beings out there.

Img 6063

8. ALL of these cards

Ranging from €1-€2. 

Have you seen the price of cards these days?!

Img 6066

9. A swimming noodle

Take the 40-foot by storm. 

Img 6067

10. Octopus fingers

You’ve never needed anything as much in your life. 

Img 6072

11. This skateboard

Be the Avril Lavigne you want to see in the world.

Img 6071

12. These GIANT pens

For €1! Bargain!

Think of the office pranks you could pull.

Img 6070

13. This soap bubble gun

Because summer isn’t over when this is around.

Img 6079

14. Office boules

For 3pm slumps everywhere.

Or when you wanna lump them at your co-workers.

Img 6074

15. Festival feet

PERFECT for Irish festivals, and saves you a trip home to pick up your wellies.

Img 6075

16. Virtual reality goggles

For when real life is boring AF.

Img 6076

17. Mini shopping carts

For when you’re having a dinner party and want to be a bit of a dick.

Img 6077

18. All the exercise gear you’ll ever need

Get ripped, on a budget.

Img 6085

19. This flamingo tank

Don’t knock it.

Img 6084

20. A travel hairdryer

Super handy, and won’t break the bank.

Img 6083

21. This travel bottle set

Also super super handy for visits, weekends away, storing treats in etc.

Img 6082

22. Foldable chairs

Unbelievably handy, and super lightweight – perfect for festivals.

Img 6080

23. And finally, a lint roller

Pet owner or otherwise, you need this. You filthy animal.

Img 6081

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